Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tuesday Top Ten: Favourite Fall Lip Colours

I have to admit, I am that person wearing a dark plum in the middle of summer because a dark, bold lip is my favourite and pinks or corals just don't do it for me. So when it actually is time to wear the dark fall colors on your kisser, it's the best time of year! I am also a big advocate for the all-over lip liner since it helps with longevity and my lips seem to be thinning so I am not going overboard like Kylie Jenner, but you gota plump those lips!

Here are my Top Ten / Go To fall lip colours:

Maybelline | Urban Decay | Mac | Sephora Collection | Kat Von D
L'Oreal | Covergirl | Tarte | The Body Shop | Make Up Forever

So what are your favourite fall colours? Let me know in the comments so I can try them out!

stay clumsy
xx jamie

Monday, 1 December 2014

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi Guys! Now I'm not going to lie... I have been waiting for December to come around since... well December 31st last year. IT'S FINALLY HERE! So I decided to start out this Christmas month with my top Christmas Wishlist for you all (and...*cough* Mike *cough*). Now I have a big range of prices from very reasonable to well, some that compete with Gwynth Paltrow's list but no one ever said that wishlist's need to be reasonable right?....Right?!

I hope you all enjoy your Monday! 

stay clumsy
xx jamie